Why was AIWCA formed – what is its primary purpose?

To provide opportunities for eligible Australian female cricketers of Indian descent to receive high level coaching and play representative cricket in Australia and on overseas tours.

When was AIWCA formed?

July 2023, after more than 6 months of detailed planning.

Is AIWCA a commercial cricket business?

No, AIWCA is a not-for-profit sporting organisation, which is run by an experienced committee of volunteers.

Who is running AIWCA?

Office-bearers and an Executive Committee - See About us

Is AIWCA an Incorporated Association?

Yes, AIWCA is incorporated through NSW Fair Trading (Department of Customer Service).
Incorporation Number 2300920, dated 18 August 2023.

Where is AIWCA based?

The headquarters is in Sydney, NSW, however AIWCA has key contacts in each Australian State, as well as overseas, especially in India.

Does AIWCA have a regular training venue?

Yes, the PlayPoint Indoor Sports Centre, 2A Bessemer St. Blacktown (in Sydney).

What are the contact details for AIWCA?

What are the cricket coaching qualifications of the AIWCA coaches?

AIWCA has assembled a strong group of Women’s Cricket coaches, including Cricket Australia High Performance (Level 3), and Representative (Level 2) accredited cricket coaches with decades of experience.

How many teams / training squads does AIWCA plan to form?

AIWCA plans to select an Open age group squad, an U/18 squad, and also support younger female teams / players. Highly talented U/18 players can be members of both squads.

Which female cricketers are eligible to join AIWCA? Is there a Selection Criteria?

The minimum age for players is 14 and there is no maximum age – AIWCA has an Open age group. AIWCA will identify and actively encourage talented Australian female cricketers of Indian descent to become a member of AIWCA, benefit from high level coaching, and try out for selection in the team. Players can also self-nominate by applying to become a member of AIWCA. Refer to "Our mission" page for the Selection Criteria.

Can Australian female cricketers of non-Indian descent be considered for AIWCA team selection?

Yes, AIWCA aims to be as inclusive as possible to promote women’s cricket, however Australian female cricketers of Indian descent may be preferred in AIWCA team selections.


To safeguard the Charter of AIWCA, no more than three players of non-Indian descent will be selected in an AIWCA team; and no more than four players of non-Indian descent will be selected in an AIWCA touring squad.

How will interstate players be assessed for selection in the AIWCA U/18 and Open teams?

AIWCA talent scouts / senior coaches will reach out to key contacts in each State to identify talented Australian female cricketers of Indian descent for consideration for AIWCA selection. AIWCA will consult with players and their parents (if they are U/18), as well as their club / private coaches. Performances in the past two seasons will be examined, and video action may be sought, if available. Players may be invited to attend a training camp in Sydney, or a AIWCA senior coach may travel interstate / Territories.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of AIWCA?

Members will enjoy the positive interaction between the players, coaches and officials; fast-track their cricket skills development from the high level coaching; and cherish the
opportunity to try out for selection in the teams. The selected teams will appreciate the opportunity to play in high level, representative matches and tour overseas. AIWCA is determined to foster and promote exemplary collaboration of culture and respect in the Australia–India cricket community.

How can I join AIWCA?

AIWCA is happy to accept online membership applications from eligible players, their parents, Committee members, Coaches, Patrons, Officials, Supporters, Volunteers, Sponsors, etc. via its website.


AIWCA has two main levels of membership:

  1. Junior – for Under 18 players
  2. Adult – for everyone aged 18 or older

AIWCA will maintain an official Membership Register, as required by its Constitution.

Is there an AIWCA joining fee and annual membership fee?

No, AIWCA membership is free for all players, officials and supporters, at least for the first 12 months of operations. The AIWCA financial year runs from: 1 May – 30 April.

What opposition teams will the AIWCA U/18 and Open teams play against?

It is planned that the AIWCA teams will play against Women’s Academy teams in Australia and overseas, as well as other high level matches that can be arranged.

Is there any connection between the AIWCA representative teams (U/18 and Open) and the State rep. cricket pathway programs?

No, AIWCA operates separately from the State rep. cricket pathway programs. AIWCA is supportive of all female players reaching their full potential in cricket, and offers an alternate method of gaining high level playing experience.

Have arrangements been confirmed yet for the first overseas cricket tour by the AIWCA teams?

Yes, AIWCA will partner with the Coaches’ Association (HKHDCCA) with an exciting Girls U/17 Cricket Tour to India in April 2024.

Other female cricket tours will be organised each year. Initial enquiries have revealed that several overseas cricket nations would be delighted to host our women’s teams for a cricket tour.

Can players (or parents) lodge an appeal against non-selection in the AIWCA teams?

No, the decisions of the AIWCA selection panel are final, however our Head Coach and other senior coaches will be happy to provide constructive feedback to any player.

Is AIWCA suitable for beginners – female cricketers with no prior experience?

No, there are many organisations that provide coaching, cricket clinics, and playing opportunities for female cricketers at the grassroots levels and junior club cricket. AIWCA is focused on providing development and high level playing opportunities for players of advanced ability.

What is AIWCA’s Australian Business Number?

ABN: 11357291021

Does AIWCA have an approved Constitution?

Yes, refer to "Our mission" page. The document fully complies with the NSW Fair Trading online model Constitution.

Does AIWCA have official colours?

Yes – blue, green and gold.

Does AIWCA have an official uniform for training and matches?

A range of clothing items will be designed shortly and when approved, will appear on our website / social media.

Does AIWCA have any member protection arrangements in place?

Yes, AIWCA takes member protection very seriously. We have a female Member Protection Officer (a former Australian cricketer) on our Executive Committee.

All AIWCA players, coaches and officials aged 18 and over are required to have a current Working with Children (5 year) clearance.


A qualified First Aid Officer (with a kit) will be present at all AIWCA training sessions and matches, including on overseas tours.

Does AIWCA have an official logo?

Yes, as shown on the top left of each page on this website.

Does AIWCA have a social media presence?

Yes, links to social media sites are displayed at the top of each page on this website.

Does AIWCA have any sponsors yet?

Yes, refer to "Our sponsors" page.


The inaugural sponsors of AIWCA are:


If any other corporate businesses are interested in sponsoring AIWCA, please use the Contacts page to get in touch.

Will the players’ fees on AIWCA’s overseas cricket tours be subsidised?

Yes, AIWCA is confident of securing some corporate sponsorship and Grants, which should result in tour fees being partially subsidised.

What management policies does AIWCA have in place?

Policies covering Privacy; Grievance Handling; Code of Conduct; Selection Criteria; Professional Standards; Complaints; Diversity & Inclusion; Resignation; Dismissal & Exit; Conflicts of Interest; Document Management, and Payments, are currently being drafted and approved by the AIWCA Executive Committee.